Award-winning Professor, Consultant, and Speaker. Former senior government executive. I ignite the power within communities. Let’s Connect:


  • Sheryle Gillihan

    Sheryle Gillihan

    Director of Partnerships @CauseLabs. Idealistic Realist. Ambitious Catalyst. Believer. Writer. Wife. Mom. Scout Leader. Army Veteran. #PurposeAmbassador

  • Shante Parris

    Shante Parris

  • Tiago Malta

    Tiago Malta

    I am the fitness coach behind and my focus is helping women to lose weight without tons of cardio or restrictive diets

  • Muang'Akili Tugmakvu

    Muang'Akili Tugmakvu

    Be patient as the incomprehensible are in their infancy, during adulthood, they are simple, pass through the heart directly into the mind.

  • Dr Rena Lyons

    Dr Rena Lyons

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